Ordering in a nutshell is about looking through the categories of sign styles to find a shape you like (there's over 100). If you click on one of these product photos it takes you to more information about just that one style: sizes, options, costs and so on. Add images and the cost increases. Want both sides carved? That increases the cost too. Go ahead! Explore. You don't have to design it alone - we'll help you!
Carved Rustic Cedar Signs
1. Free Proofs. As many as you need because you'll know what you want when you see it.
2. We use Western Red Cedar exclusively, so our signs love to be outdoors and will gracefully weather a lifetime.
3. Everything is deeply engraved into the wood. You can have any color you want as long as it's black.
4. Your Credit Card is only "authorized" at the time of the order. After you approve a proof for carving your Credit Card is "captured", the sale is final. If an order is cancelled after approval, but before carving begins, 25% or $35, whichever is less, is retained for graphic design.
5. The HOME page has some of our most popular Wood Signs Styles, but there is over 100 in the SIGN STYLES category area. Choose the style (shape) you want. Sizes are based on that style's height to width ratio. The basic price is the smallest size available in that style and all text carving is included in he price. If you want an image included, that will add cost because of the added complexity. (See Images & Fonts)
6. You can have any image you want - there's no catalog you have to pick from - just describe what you want - even if its a bear smoking a cigar while roasting a marshmallow! (We provide you with proofs regardless so no worries). Our graphic artists will collaborate with you and exchange proofs by email.
7. Fonts, too - We take some sign writers license and will guide you toward harmony and balance - again, it's all in the proofs. Think about the sentiment of the sign you want (or, maybe you know what font you want used). We'll give you proofs with appropriate alternatives to consider. As many as you need to "know it when you see it." Our sign designers will help you receive what it is you want - you don't have to try to design it first yourself.

8. This is important! We carve and fulfill orders in the order we receive them - large orders take longer than others so there is no predictable number of days to delivery for any of our orders. On average, (Christmas, Mother's Day, Fathers Day, Opening Season - a whole years pattern) shipping is 12 to 21 days after proof approval - sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. That's the way it is - you'll have to be patient. Design excellence and craftsmanship takes longer. We have plenty of imitators out there - if you want to negotiate away from the best.
9. All of our carved cedar signs come treated with our proprietary Western Red Cedar-oil based, penetrating UV blocking finish. It can be easily refreshed. If you want your sign to weather gray - ask for no finish. Again...all of our carving is created-from-scratch; nothing is ready made, generic or off-the-shelf inventory. Everything is custom art and it's all deeply engraved into carved into Real Western Red Cedar; exactly like the proof image you will approve first. That's why, "the Best Surprise is NO Surprise."