It's the carved graphics on custom made signs that creates that really unique or special gift! There is no restriction to what images you can have on your sign except that it cannot be too complex for the size of the sign. The examples, proofs, and gallery photographs are your best guide. There is no page of graphics you are limited to choosing from either. Just tell us what you want and we'll draw it into your scale proofs so we can collaborate with you until you see what it is you want. Your description of the image and text is usually sufficient to create a proof to begin collaborating with you using additional drawings if necessary.

Custom Carved Wood Signs Image TypesImages have a powerful impact on the message. One picture can make an interesting message even more compelling. We may inject some sign-writer-logic to guide you toward balance and harmony. There are 3 price groups for carved images - SIMPLE SILHOUETTES are the lowest fee and you may have up to three silhouettes for a modest additional fee. DRAWINGS, LANDSCAPES, and SCENES are certainly more complex for carving. CUSTOM REQUESTS and DETAILED DESIGNS and LOGOS carry the highest fees due to carving complexity. It's a real simple formula...the more detailed and complicated - the longer it takes for us to deeply engrave it into the sign plaque, so it costs more.

Custom Carved Wood Sign Fonts

You can have any font family you like - but there are thousands upon thousands. Don't make yourself crazy trying to design it (unless that's what you really like to do and know what font family you want!) It's really about the MAGIC and the value of seeing the text in a few different fonts offered during the FREE PROOFING - and, it's the most fun part!

The magic of font, balance, image, harmony, oneness, white space and good old-fashioned SignWriting Skill. We are Letterheads - We've got this! The Font Families shown here tend to be the ones that lend themselves to our stylings of Carved Cedar Outdoor Rustic Signs. Pick among them if you like.