Sales & Shipping Policy

CUSTOM WOOD SIGNS - Sales & Shipping Policy

Your Custom Carved Wood Sign order is essentially commissioned custom art for carving to your specifications. Nothing is off-the-shelf. Every order is made from scratch. At the time of the order your Credit Card is processed for Authorization Only (Valid number, correct billing address, valid CVV security code, etc) A work order is generated and proofing with collaboration is started. We try hard to provide this graphic artistry by return email in 24 to 48 hours, Sometimes during holidays, it can be greater than that. Rest assured we have your order and no money has been captured on your card. We provide all of the necessary drawn-to-scale proofs to offer guidance by the collaboration to select and approve one of the proofs as your final approval for carving your sign. Should the work order be cancelled prior to a proof approval there will be a fee of $35 assessed. After proof approval funds are captured from the previously authorized Credit Card and a full-sized carving template of the art is created and materials are consumed and committed to the order for carving. The work order becomes an invoice and the sale is final.

Our signs are carved in FIFO (First In - First Out) sequence, large orders, holidays, seasonal demand, weather conditions, and other causes related to production delays (for example, sometimes a work station inspection failure can send an order back through production); however, we typically ship products in from as few as 12 to 14 days and as many as 20 business days. Circumstances beyond our control may create additional delays, however, 92% of the time orders ship in 14 business days or less.

We receive a lot of requests about our custom wood signs, often at an alarming pace. So much so, that our system automatically expires all orders that are trending to be not deliverable within our self-constrained limit of 30 days. When a request becomes 30 days old from the date of inquiry without a proof approval, an authorization to carve, or another unexpected delay (seasonal demand, weather delays, delivery delays, production line or personnel issues, etc) the order number expires, and the credit card that was authorized at that time expires, the order number is canceled and no funds are captured. We would rather you have your product than have you pay for the work and have the late delivery affect your gift-giving, or disappoint your expectations in us as we have so proudly strived for over 50 years. The process is old-world craftsmanship, carving, and hand-work where time does not flow at the rate of a traditional internet order shipped the same day...That's why we have this built-in protection:


The easiest way to fix the issue and pay us for our work is to: FIRSTLY, satisfy yourself there was no payment when you used your Credit Card; (often necessary to see your credit card statements for the month of the order and the month following the order); 2) THEN, follow this link to our website Change Order Page: CHANGE ORDER; 3) Enter, "Original Invoice #99999;" in the description field; 4) In the Qty field, enter a number "999" which represents the original "$999" order amount (999 X $1.00); 5) Checkout as before in the original sale;

We will attach a copy of your original order for your reference.