Looking for a Rustic Carved Sign which Speaks to Nature, Harmony, and Environmental Reverence?

by Thom Inman - Master Craftsman and Western Red Cedar Expert

When designing a carved wood welcome sign, one of the first things you should consider is the material from which it will be created. If you are looking for a classic rustic sign which speaks to nature, harmony, and environmental reverence; you ought to choose wood. If your sign will be placed outside, you will need a wood that will withstand a variety of weather conditions without becoming cracked, damaged or flawed over time. Western Red Cedar is the top choice and is used in the creation of the finest custom-crafted signs for its amazing attributes.

Cedar is dimensionally stable - its durability is legendary. This means it lies flat and straight without warping or cracking like most other woods will do. This also means it will withstand all that nature and weather will conspire against it and still look great over a long period of time. This is the stuff West Texas fence posts are made from! Red Cedar was used in the construction of King Solomon's temple in Jerusalem circa 1000 BC. The use of cedar is mentioned in The Iliad. Red Cedar is used particularly in applications requiring resistance to weather, such as shakes and shingles - Totem poles; for heavens' sake!

Cedar also won't decay nor does it rot. Western Red Cedar is the first and clear choice for carved wooden signs. The natural oils it contains keep deterioration from happening as this preserves the wood from decay.

Cedar also has a wonderful aroma, thus adding to the rustic feel of your lodge, cabin or RV. If you choose Western Red Cedar as the material for your next personalized welcome sign, you will be able to keep your sign for a very long time. Whether you decide to maintain its finish, or just leave it in its natural state, you will be happy with the many great attributes of this wood. Although unfinished cedar will change colors over time, the slow metamorphosis is completely appealing. Because Red Cedar doesn't rot, it will never really damage, thus making it visually appealing and very much intact for many, many years to come. To maintain its richly textured grain with amber, cinnamon and sienna coloring, do not employ spar varnish or polyurethane. There is a way, way better solution to durability than these old-fashioned approaches. A green finish system which releases zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) formulated to enhance and enrich the natural durability and appearance of western red cedar. Seek a vendor employing finish formulas that enhance water damage and reduce graying by incorporating sun-blocking, ultra-violet protection.

Western Red Cedar will also not bow or sag over time. This means your sign will stay straight and visible for as long as you keep it up. Because of this, your sign will last as long as your business, and will look just as beautiful in years to come as it did the day it was created. Since it is self-preserved, you will not have to take a lot of time treating it, and can feel confident in the knowledge that you will see a definite return on your investment.

May the Forest be with you!