Custom Carved Wooden Signs Provide Distinction that Defines

by Thom Inman - Master Craftsman and Western Red Cedar Expert

Looking for a compelling Welcome Sign that will distinguish yours from all the others you've ever seen? Whether you are running a Country Inn, a Lodge with rustic cabins, an old family General Store; or, simply a Lake Cabin, second home or RV Camping Site...a custom carved wood sign will provide you that special distinction that will set you apart from others around you. It will also make a statement for those who visit your business, arrive at your home or simply, extend a Howdy to those other campers at the sites you frequent. Everything about your sign speaks volumes about you and your uniqueness.

Because there are hundreds, indeed thousands, of fonts and varieties a powerfully designed wooden sign becomes a composition. For instance, a simple font is often used to deliberately convey a rustic look, different even simple, font choice of the same text will profoundly change the balance and harmony of the sign. The right font can determine the overall look, which, in turn, can serve to make the message on the sign more appealing. Remember, your overall goal is to grab the attention of potential customers, quests, visitors or neighbors and give them something to remember. Since your sign will likely be one of the first aspects of your business or abode they will see, the way it appears is a crucial part of customer attraction, personification and identification.

The message itself is just as important as the look, as it will make a statement to the viewer - receiver - target. You want them to continue coming back; to tell others about your style; to express your warmth, personality and affections; so be sure it is something they will be likely to remember: the more distinctive the better. It may even serve to define you; or, at the very least, something about who you are and what you have that's unique - so choose your words carefully.

If you are unsure about how the sign should look, consult with the person who will create it. Collaborating directly with the sign artist is the single most powerful tool you have to customize or tailor just the right message, balance and harmony. Once you have established exactly what you are going for, (sometimes you just don't know what you are looking for but know it when you see it) you will have an easier time deciding just how it should look.

There are many designs that can help present your message. The one you choose should compliment the message on your sign. If the message is simple and rustic, go for that type of design. If you are going for something more complex, there are designs available to fit those types of signs as well. It's all in the presentation. Avoid vendors who have a page of images you may select from. Or, a page of fonts you must use. Or worse, how many letters per line that you are restricted to. It requires a great deal more than counting letters on a fixed shaped and sized panel and then hoping folks will notice your message.

May the Forest be with you!