Looking for that "Tastes like Smores" feeling in your Wooden Carved Family Name Sign?

by Thom Inman - Master Craftsman and Western Red Cedar Expert

If you own, operate or even visit a lodge, cabin or a summer place, you already know how a cool and creative wooden sign appeals to the senses. If you are looking for that "tastes like 'smores" feeling for your eyes in your own custom sign, nothing gets that done like an old world style, deeply carved wooden sign. Personalizing has no limitations. A well-designed, hand carved cedar sign will create a decor piece of pride and enduring satisfaction for years to come. Why settle for a practical, standard run of the mill sign for your lodge, cabin or summer place when you could invest in a handcrafted wooden sign that can say so much more about your business, home, cabin or camp and lodge. The reason that I say this is down to the fact you can use this type of sign to convey a lot more than merely who you are or what number your cabin is. Because you can place both text and images on these signs you are able to convey traits about your business or personality. With this in mind you have to consider the fact there are so many factors to take on board when you are planning how your sign will look. You need to consider font and images as well as the type of wood that you are using for your sign.

You have the freedom of being able to place an image on your wooden sign; choosing to do this can greatly increase your signs visibility, in fact in a lot of cases, people are far more likely to notice and develop an interest in your sign if an image is featured on it. In many cases people will often notice this image before they notice the actual text on it. It is down to reasons such as these as to why you may wish to include an image on your sign.

The images on your sign could be anything from a pet to a portrait or landscape - as well as objects. Photographs can be incorporated on the sign, too. Because it is hand carved it isn't high resolution but plenty of silhouette detail to be powerful.

Finally, size affects the carving complexity and cost. The larger it is the more detail you can place on it. These larger signs will cost more but if you need the extra detail then the extra cost is worth it.

May the Forest be with you!